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What car are you building? Rate will vary by car (and of course by driver preference) 3rd gen camaros are typically in the 1000lb range up front, while 4th gens are in the 650-800 lb range front (that ends up being about the same effective wheel rate since the motion ratios are different on 3rd and 4th gen front ends). Camaros are running typically in the range of 150-225lbs in the rear. I have no clue about Must-urds.


You can get springs in race weights and lengths that fit Camaros from roundy round speed shops online. Typical lowering springs for the street are too soft (or they don't even tell you the rate!!)

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Al is completely right and completely wrong. The range he gives is so broad that it really won't help you set up your car. In order to make your car handle you need shocks, sway bars, springs and tire pressures all working in unison and in order to do that you need a developed package. If you start guessing you're going to be chasing your tail (literally) on the track. If you lack engineering knowledge about suspensions pick up Herb Adams book CHASSIS ENGINEERING on eBay. And if you want the right set up for suspension without the guess work talk to someone like Tony who will give you the exact same spring/shock/sway bar setup he uses on both his Mustang and his Camaro. Then the only excuse for poor handling will be the driver input.

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