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Thanks John!

Kevin Hall

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The pictures from Sears Point showed up over the weekend. Thanks a bunch for sending those down.


Time to start getting the cars ready for next year, the Z28 for California Speedway, and Chevelle for Irwindale.


We're looking forward to seeing you again in March.


Kevin Hall

#82 CMC Camaro

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Happy holidays to all. Hope the New Year brings lots of new car parts and good health to all. Kevin you are welcome! I do have a question about pictures though. Can anyone tell me how to post pictures to the board? I had some racing action at Infineon, but I am clueless about how to get them on the CMC site? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks and have a happy New Year!!! John #44 CMC Camaro

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the BW test weekend was not pretty. The fog settled in and never lifted, making visibility probably less than 500ft. I decided to leave on saturday at about 2.30pm. Kevin was there as was Steve Sparklin, who also left early on saturday. I dont know if Kevin stayed or got any track time.


Fairly dissapointing but I guess it's something that's out of anyone's control, so ???


I did hear a rumour they may try to have another one late January. I'll let everyone know if I hear anything further.

See YA


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As Brett noted, the fog ruined the day. The track even allowed cars out for "sedan laps" to try Darrell Waltrip's vortex theory and see if car moving on the track would get us enough visibility, but you couldn't see the track from the corner worker towers.


I ran the truck and Camaro around at about 50 mph for a several laps, but the fog never cleared, so we headed for home by 3. Steve had left already. He was smart, he didn't pay his money when he came in, waiting to see if the fog would lift.


The folks at Buttonwillow were cool about refunding our money, so we only missed out on some sleep, and gas getting the car up there.


The good news is that we were able to check out Andreotti's Corners. It is more like 3 miles from the freeway, but their gas price was the same as the 76 station in Buttonwillow. They had pretty good biscuits and gravy for 3 bucks as well.....


Brett, do let us know about a January test date, it may be worth another try.

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