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So when does the CMC web site become a NATIONAL website?????

Lewis Tanner

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And not just an ad for CMC California?


I click on "schedule" and you'd think the CMC community was just in CA.


I click on "track records" and, hey, guess what? Just CA tracks!


I click on "event reports" and, what do you know? Only CA events!


"CMC Points" CA only...


"CMC News" CA only...


If I didn't know better, this was an California only series. Am I mistaken?


Forgive the expression, but it's time to piss or get off the pot here guys. Is it a California social club or a national series supported by a national organization? What am I spending my thousands of dollars to participate in? If I build my cars to the CMC rules and get a Texas motorsports enthusiast to research the ruleset to which I built my car, I'd hope he or she gets the impression that the series is established and maintained in Texas as well as it is in California, which a short tour of the site does not suggest. I want the series to grow as much as the next guy, as competition is what makes it great, so what do you say the main page starts representing the national CMC effort instead of a California group with some inerest in stuff happening in other parts of the nation if you dig beyond the front page?


Just asking.

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What side of the bed did you get up on..or did you sleep in a bed???

Really,for 05 we are incorporating all regions into the site,and if you did not notice we have had all the regions listed on the site,to show what's going on where..in case you did not read far enough.

All the regions beside the Calif. region, have taken off only in this past year and now that they have we will put it all together as you will see.

So spend your money on your car, join the series, and keep reading as the 2005 year gets off the ground, believe me the directors and coordinators in each region are making a huge effort to make this happen.


Tony Guaglione

CMC National Chief Director

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Apologies for the "harshness" - it was the end of a long day and I didn't use the old "wait an hour and read what you wrote" rule of thumb before I clicked the submit button. Coming across as an angry jerk wasn't quite the intent I had in mind.


Thanks for the quick response and I'm looking forward to seeing the site take on a more national focus and represent the efforts and achievements of participants outside of California, as well as participating in the series in the coming season.

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No problem at all, and you have some very good points.

Rest assured you are in good company with CMC and we will always listen to anything you want to say.

We welcome you to CMC,and if you need anything else, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] anytime.

Happy Holidays,


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