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Front 1LE Shocks/4th Gen Illegal??


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Hmmmm, it seems that the stock shocks that came with the 1LE are no longer legal as they retail for a bit more than $700 a pair as I recall. (Haven't bought any since 94 but do have several sets since I have had several 1LEs.)


Personally I have always preferred the single adjustables but not to the point that I care to change them out. DAs are too darned complicated to set up. Too many combinations for a dummy like me.


So it looks like we need to replace the front DAs with SAs and can upgrade the rear to DAs if desired. (The DA set of 4 from Shox.com is 1260 but the fronts are a bit better than 60-65% of that cost as I recall.)


Was that result intended?




PS, Alan did check and the CMC car has SAs on the front. Of my 2 sets of DAs, one is on the 98 1LE and the other is on a shelf in the garage. So apparently I need to make no changes.

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Luckily, they're just Koni DA Yellows, but you're right Perry, even at gmpartsdirect.com they're $720 for a pair.


I personally think DA's are overkill for CMC cars, but hey - what do I know?


But, since you're nearing mandatory retirement age, I'm sure they'll grandfather you in.


Heehee, get it? I kill myself...

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OK, dokay! They are legal. Thanks Al, but I still am going to leave them on the shelf and keep using the SAs. Too many adjustments just confuse me.


I am still trying to fix the nut behind the wheel.


Grandfather Perry

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