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car in mar-apr

Guest micah

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todd my car should be ready in march or april,89 lx notch,but i think the only tx events i'll make will be one tx d.e. and the last msr race,my towboat schedule is not matching up with the race schedule very well

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Hey Michael!!!

There you are...I thought we lost you overboard somewhere! Give me a call when you get a chance. Great to hear you'll be trying to make some events this year.


You did see that we're going to No Problem Raceway in LA, right?

How close is that to you?


-=- Todd Covini

NASA Texas AI & CMC Director

713-656-2153 days

713-252-3465 cell

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i made four or five hpdes last year with jim pantas and the SE group,i'll make nashville hpde, tde @msr ,then to VIR for hpde and hopefully comp.lic. ,two FL races,and nov. @msr if my schedule doesn't change.........as for npr it's 3hr from the house and in the middle of my on time,my boat is going to a dock about 15min. from the track right now,what a tease

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Can you tell me when the Nashville HPDE is, and where? I have a buddy I'm trying to get hooked on CMC with an early 90s Mustang, and this seems right up his alley.

Kevin Hall

So Cal #82 Camaro

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