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Mustang T/A question


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Has there been any discussion on allowing Mustangs to use a T/A since the GM's have one?


I don’t have much info on what year GM’s had the T/A, which may be part of the answer to my question. Internet searches come up with lots of 82-current applications. That is the assumption I’m going on.


The T/A safety loop thread got me thinking of why the GM cars have a T/A stock and the Mustangs aren’t allowed to add one. Is there an advantage that I am missing in the rear suspension that Mustangs have over the GM’s that evens this out?


Fire at will..............

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Trust me, this has been discussed about ten million times. The Mustang definitely has inferior rear suspension to the GM cars (all 82+ camaro/firebirds use a T/A and PHB). We allow Mustangs to add a PHB (if they feel the need) and allow them to run a lower overall weight. This is the easiest way to even out performance without having to resort to expensive mods. Trust me, the Mustangs do not have a disadvantage, no matter what the suspension design purists will say. Just look at the race results!

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