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Midwest & OH/IN CMC Cars


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Not to let our Bigger is Better friends down in Texas out do us


If you are planning on running or building a car for either the Midwest or OH/IN CMC post away!!!

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My 1995 Firebird conversion from AI to CMC is almost complete. Remaining items on to-do list to be CMC compliant:


1) Remove steering wheel lock

2) Add hood pins (a b@tch on a 4th gen Firebird)

3) Eliminate rear adj. LCA's.

4) Disable Rear LCA relocation brackets

5) Add driveshaft loop

6) Apply passenger side numbers (had to reorder after hosing a set - 18" is HUGE)

7) Add 0.48 pounds to hood.

Replace rear springs/threaded perch with fixed rear springs

9) Get Toyos

10) Tow to Mid Ohio


Single picture of work-in-progress:


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Man, I thought I had a lot of work to do on my car


Turns out I have to replace my rear main hoop of my roll cage


The current one has 6 bends in it - I'm currently shopping the local welders to see how much this is going to hurt

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Wow! Guess I shouldn't complain that I have to change the oil my car, huh?!?


Tim, you came so close to "being one of us" down here in Texas! Glad to hear everything worked out.


You may see some of us Texas boys up your way this year...we'll see!

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Al -


I neglected to mention the couple of "minor" other items that need attention....



Like replacing the upper and lower intake, heads, cam and oil pan, rear UCA and LCA, rear windscreen and ignition with legal items


still want to trade

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Hey Todd -


yeah, it was a tough call - I was looking forward to running with you again...


It'd be good if we can get a national event at Heartland at some point in the not so distant future...


CMC is getting pretty big on a national scale!!!

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I will be running CMC in the Midwest in 2005 provided I get my new engine built and installed in the next few weeks, paint my roll cage, get the new wheels I bought on eBay, and finish a host of other items.

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Gosh we still need to wash the car after the fog-out at Buttonwillow. Better get right on that.


More difficult is moving the seat and changing the set up in the Pure Stock before opening night at Irwindale. Probably better change the sheet metal and paint it too. They gave us some "dirty" looks when we showed up after running the dirt at Perris.

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