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Tony G

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Ok guys as for at least the West Coast, I will still be able to do your annuals, and if you are in another region please check with your coordinator to see who is doing your annuals.

Note: anyone running a fuel cell will have to show that the bladder is 5 years old or less,and in good condition with serial, date, and make.

Tow hooks are now mandatory.

Check out the 2005 CCR's for more info.


Tony Guaglione

CMC National Director

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Adam Ginsberg, Richard Pedersen and myself will be conducting the Annual Tech inspections here in Texas. At the current time, NASA Texas does not have designated tech inspection stations.


I will be coming out with operational instructions for the Texas racing season after the weekend. Stay tuned...

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Will you be able to do annuals at Cal Speedway? I may be able to come up with some place we can use not too far from the speedway if we cannot hang out there on Friday.

Thanks-Kevin Hall

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I can do your annuals at the Speedway.

Make sure you guys have everything in order,especially the safety stuff. IE:belts,driveshaft loop,drivers gear,battery mounts,Logbook, etc etc.


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