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Window net mounting


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Thoughts on this type of mounting, rules don't specify if it has to be welded or not.




Can't seem to link that exact page, here is the text that goes with the pic:

This is the only kit on the market that requires no welding. Everything is included to attach your window net to your roll cage. Window net is not included. Manufactured by Autopower.



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Kevin, I would highly recommend using some other mounting system. I don't like the thought that the net in that drawing stays "up" even when it is not latched. In an emergency, you will have to be pushing it out of your way, as opposed to it falling out of your way. If you're unconscious, then the corner workers have to hold it out of the way, making their job more difficult.


It only takes a couple of minutes to weld on the tabs for a net...someone in SoCal owns a welder, I'm sure it'll only cost you a couple of beers to convince them to come over

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I had one of those on my old car. I didn't mind the bar being 'up' all the time, unless I was getting in and out through the door instead of the window.


I'd recommend the solution I went with one the 4th gen I'm building, it too requires no welding (although welding is WAY cool). Check here:


Schroth Window Net


And free shipping!

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Your car will not pass tech if your window nets does not fall down after detaching it.

Put in a really good window net system,as I wouldnt think the $10 bucks you saved on the cheap one is worth having it get in the way when you trying to get out of your car while its burning up...

Tony Guaglione

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