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"OEM or OEM replacement" - clarification on intent


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From the 2005 CMC rules

8.5.1. Fenders must be OEM stock or an OEM replacement.


Am I to assume this refers to bumper covers as well? Was this the "intent" of this rule?


There are a lot of aftermarket bumper covers out there for Mustangs, Camaros and Firebirds that target asphalt racing.


For example ...






These are OEM replicas that are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than OEM replacements, even through auto salvage facilities.


Would these be acceptable?

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OEM = GM Built and\or supplied - as in what the dealer would put on your car if it was broke, and needed replacement.


OEM replacement = Similar to OEM as in dimensions/materials/etc, but manufactered in Taiwan.


Basically, if you can get a part for your car at the dealer or a salvage yard, or a replacement manufacturer, that's what you need.


Circle track body parts (which are generally shells of plastic with nothing behind them) would be a no-no.


The reasoning is that this is a 'stock' class - as in what was delivered from the showroom floor.

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Mitch, just run what you want. you can run an illegal part for up to a year before you have to fix/remove it. Right Adam!?! :P


Oh, OK ...

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I'm being labeled as a troublemaker ... the spoils of curiousity, I guess.


I'll ask no more questions ... promise


Mitch - you are no more of a troublemaker than the rest of us ( me? ).


Seriously, your questions are aren't trouble at all - AAMOF, they are very helpful to those who may have the same question, but just haven't asked it yet. Please, don't stop asking. Ya never know - Tony might have a momentary lapse of reason and approve something.

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