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TOYO Awards Program

Tony G

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This just out:

The following program will be applied to all NASA race classes including CMC and does not require the Toyo Proxes RA1 to be the spec. tire for the class,even though CMC's spec tire is the RA1 255/50/16.

To be eligible for this program, competitors must be using the Toyo Proxes RA1 competition tire. Use of a different Toyo tire product does not qualify for this program.

To be eligible for this program, competitors must display at least four “Toyo Tires†decals (2â€x18†size) on their racecar. One decal must be placed on each side of the car as well as one on the front and one on the rear of the racecar. Failure to follow this requirement will result in exclusion from the program.

The program will be as follows which I like better as it spreads out the winnings.




1st Place = 100 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

2nd Place = 60 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

3rd Place = 40 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

4th Place = 20 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

5th Place = 10 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate



1st Place = 40 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

2nd Place = 20 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

3rd Place = 10 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

4th Place = 5 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate




1st Place = 20 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

2nd Place = 10 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

3rd Place = 5 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate



Certificates will be awarded for a maximum of one official points paying race per day, and a maximum of two official points paying races per race weekend event. If a class has more than two races per weekend, the race class director must indicate which two races are eligible for this program.

Awards will strictly be based on official race results supplied by NASA. Awards cannot be claimed until NASA has released official race results.

“Toyo Dollars†rebate certificates can only be redeemed at “Official†Toyo Tires motorsports dealers. A list of these dealers is attached at the end of this document. Toyo Tire (USA) Corporation reserves the right to modify this list at any time without notice.

“Toyo Dollars†rebate certificates can only be used towards the purchase of new Toyo Proxes RA1 competition tires and cannot be applied to other goods or services such as shipping charges or tire shaving charges.

“Toyo Dollars†rebates must be claimed within 120 days from when official results are posted for that event. Rebates must be redeemed at an official Toyo motorsports dealer within 90 days from when the rebate was issued.

In addition to the rebate awards outlined above, those classes that do spec. the Toyo Proxes RA1 as the only tire to be used will also be eligible for the following award:



1st Place = 500 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

2nd Place = 250 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate

3rd Place = 125 “Toyo Dollars†rebate certificate



To be eligible for the championship program, there must be a minimum of five starters in your class for at least six of the races in the 2005 championship season.

The “GENERAL REBATE AWARD APPLICATION†form must be filled out by the competitor prior to each event and have the signature of a NASA technical official who has verified the use of Toyo Proxes RA1 tires and the required decal placement. This form can be obtained from NASA or online at www.toyo.com.

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