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Exhaust manifold coating/painting

Adam Ginsberg

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The 2005 CMC rules don't specifically mention it, therefore it's not permitted.


The 2005 NASA CCR's, section 18.6 state it's not permitted - no paint, no coatings, nothing. However, series rules superceed the CCR's in many cases.


Is there any issue with a competitor wanting to coat their exhaust manifolds?

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I would tend to think it would depend on the coating/painting. The rules don't specify you can paint a Camaro with Chrysler Plum Crazy Purple...but no one is going to care if you do. I would think that the painting of exhaust manifolds with high temp paint because you want them to look nice is ok. Applying a ceramic coating, fiberglass wrap, or anything intended to contain heat (and therefore affect efficiency) is not the same thing, and not something I'd agree with as being allowed. This is my opinion...I think we need the rest of the directors to chime in on this...

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I've found that cooling equals horsepowr and when it comes to exhaust the cooler you can keep the exhaust pipes the better...it won't show up on the dyno pulls, but after ten minutes on the track, untreated exhaust will drop horsepower more than treated exhaust....and old trick in Showroom Stock was to have the stock CI manifolds and exhaust coated inside and out and then apply "cast iron" color high temp paint to the coated manifolds....who would have thought?...and for this reason I see no way you can police this grey area without performing the scratch test to the exhaust manifolds....of course we wouldn't do this to any of our CMC cars....richard "spirit of Smokey Yunick" Pryor

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High temp paint will simply burn off anyway; I've tried it!


Al has hit it on the head: the coatings, wrap, etc. are intended for a different purpose and are simply not needed and not allowed. If the rules don't state that you can, then you can't. Just bolt 'em on and let's have fun!


Greg Robinson

CMC Director

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