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Things I'm learning doing a build...


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1. 4th gens are cool looking up on jack stands

2. If you think it will take a weekend, and cost $300, you're wrong. Double both. Then repeat. Repeat. Repeat...

3. Plan early.

4. Start with the CCR safety items, then get on track. Goodies can come later.

5. Track time is more impartant than a gauge kit.

6. 3rd gens are a TON easier to work on than 4th Gens.

7. Your list never ends, let alone shrink. Cross one off, add two. Argh!

8. Always remember where you left the 1/4 ratchet with a 10mm socket. There's 2 hiding in the car somewhere, and I need to buy a 3rd tomorrow.

9. Easy outs aren't.

10. Buying parts is easy, finding time to put them on is another matter.

11. If you have more $$ than sense, go 4th gen. If you want cheap and easy, go 3rd.


...more wisdom to come.


Basically, I'm about 6-10 hours from being ready for CA Speedway. Will everything be done by then? No freaking way. But I'm that far from being legal, so that's the bar. If I get other stuff done, cool but crossing the legal line is huge - that means I'm on track. I may be wallowing around on stock suspension pieces, but I'll be there!


Damn, I guess I need to get a trailer now. See! Another item added...

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Thanks for re-affirming why I want to race CMC. It's only double time and cost. I just built a Porsche for PCA. It's quadruple time and 8 times the original cost estimate. Now I can't afford to race it. Hell, I can't even afford to LOOK at it!


Do you have T-Tops? If so, how are you going to run? Take 'em off, or fabricate some plugs?




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Nope, it's a coupe. T's aren't that big of a deal though. Greg Righetti runs without the tops on. On the other side of the fence (literally) is Greg Robinson, who has a t-top Ford - he has aluminum sheet covering the openings.


If it was me, I'd go without the tops totally, yet have something build that I could put it place for fast tracks like CA Speedway. I think I heard that Alan Blain makes a carbon fiber roof panel for t-top cars.


And you're right Al, the big thing is racing. I get a kick out of these "I'm building a car for the '06 season" posts. WHAAAA?


Put the safety stuff in and get out there! Besides, how do you know if you need something until you drive it? People seem to think that a certain setup will make them competitive - HAH.


I'd rather be a good driver in a stock car vs. a crappy driver in Tony's car.

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Not only that Brad, but if you took a look under the skin, Tony's car isn't all that! Seriously...its set up well (alignment, good ride height, decent rate springs, etc) but it doesn't have anywhere near all of the goodies a lot of folks would say are needed to be competitive. Case in point, he doesnt run a panhard, he has Tokico off the shelf street shocks, etc. He does that on purpose...its not the car...but of course he can't resist making it pretty

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e·piph·a·ny -


A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.


A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization


Sometimes the neurons fall in the crack between brain halves. Synapse rules!

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Oh Brad, how I know how you feel. Are you building a new motor to go with it? Our motor build up was the dowfall for our first race being CA last year.


If you are looking for a new trailer, AZTEX in Fontana builds some pretty nice ones for a good price. My yellow trailer came from them over 5 years ago, and tows better than any other trailer I've used. The base model was about 1300, and mine was tweaked to have longer slide in ramps and was about 1600.


Rememer though, if you are estimating 6-10 hours it is more likely 12-30 hours! Are you starting to wonder about selling your other car, to build your own like us other masocists?


See ya in a few weeks.

Kevin Hall and Tigger in the 82

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Hi John!

The first race at Irwindale for Pure Stocks is the following Saturday. We've shifted things around some, and I'll be running the Stock Car at Irwindale this year, so it's going to be pretty busy between now and then getting both cars ready to go.


Irwindale is running Late Models, Street Stocks, Grand American Modifieds, and trucks the weekend we are racing at Cal Speedway. If you are more interested in Dirt, Perris is running Super Stocks, Street Stocks, their version of trucks/SUVs (don't ask), Hornets (4 cylinder cars) and Cruisers-(2 person large cars, one has steering and gas, the other has the the brakes.) Either one should have a pretty good show and are about the same distance from CA Speedway, although in opposite directions.


Looking forward to seeing dow here!


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