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Fuel cell vent line location


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From the CMC rules:

8.23.2. Any fuel lines/hoses that pass through the passenger compartment must be metal or metal braided

From the NASA CCR:

15.4 There must be a solid metal bulkhead completely seperating the fuel cell, fuel tank, filler neck hoses and/or vent lines, from the driver compartment.


I have an FIA-approved ATL fuel cell that will be enclosed in an aluminum box (acting as the bulkhead) mounted in my CMC Capri. I need some clarification with regard to the routing of the vent line. The fuel line passes out of the side of the box and makes a short run through the interior (passenger) compartment before it passes through the floor at a pass. side rearward location in the vehicle. It is of braided steel construction. I see that this is legal according the the CMC rules. My vent line passes out of the back of the box and connects to a bulkhead fitting at the rear sheet metal where the license plate would mount, completely sealing it from the interior compartment. It is also of braided steel construction. There is about a six-inch run of hose from the aluminum box to the bulkhead fitting. The CCR says no vent line in the driver compartment. The CMC rules say you can have a fuel line passing through the passenger compartment. Am I going to be illegal if my braided steel vent line passes outside of the bulkhead and makes a six-inch run through the interior compartment (at the most rearward location possible)? Is there only a concern if the vent line is of other than metal braided construction and/or does not have its vent point outside of the passenger compartment? This is the set-up the car came with and was A-Sedan legal before I obtained it.



Michael Tomlin

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Your setup is legal. Vents have to be outside the driver's compartment. All lines that run through driver's compartment must be braided and secured properly. You're all set.

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