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Read this for a reminder about CMC

Tony G

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One thing that I must remind you all that are posting here,and that is to please remember that if it does not say you can than you CANT.

If you have a specific question about something that you don't understand then email me so I can help you.

What I don't want to see is why you think this or that should be legal,and the reason being is that we have been doing this for 10 years,and these rules have worked out better than anything else I have seen out there.

CMC rules are here to protect you and keep the racing close and fun, but if you start saying why this or why that,the answer is quite simple,its because we already talked about it before you even thought about asking about it,and we will not go down hill with adding more worthless meaningless rules.

I'm glad I'm seeing so much activity here so keep it up, but remember 99.9% of your questions are answered in the rules,so I would get them out and read ever sentence,then if there is a question let me know, as I would be glad to help you in anyway.


Tony Guaglione

CMC National Director

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While I respect and understand your concerns on this, I disagree with you. If someone has a question about a rule there is a good chance others may have the same questions. Since there is a forum for Rule related topics it sort of implies that rule discussions can be had here. If you want to reduce "rule" chatter on this board then remove the rules forum. It's that easy.


Besides, if you discourage participants from having any input on the rules there's a good chance some will get frustrated and leave the series, which is what no one here wants.


I personalyy have learned many things from other posts regarding rules.


Just my .02

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The probem is that every question that has been posted here has already been answered in the rules.

It really is amazing how much anyone can learn if they really sat down for an hour and went over them.

Putting what you think should be changed is not what this is all about.

This forum is to ask questions about the rules, which as I said before I want you to do,but please don't post why you think something should be added or deleted, that is not what this is all about.

So to go over this once again,questions about the rules..Great!

Telling us how they should be changed or added etc..Wrong Place to do it, that is where you need to email me.

Hope that clears it up a bit.


Tony Guaglione

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