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2005 NASA Texas AI and CMC Season Opener!

Adam Ginsberg

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The 2005 NASA Texas American Iron and Camaro-Mustang Challenge season opener is March 5-6, 2005 - just one short week away!


Round 1 is being held at Motorsport Ranch, located in Cresson, Texas ( just south of Fort Worth ).


The 2004 series champs ( John George - AI, and Eric Varner - CMC ) are returning to defend their respective crowns.


Don't miss the first race of the season. For the rest of the NASA Texas schedule, check out www.nasatx.com.


Live updates from the track will be posted!

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On 2.12.2005, our Houston racers went to the dyno:




On 2.25.2005, the Dallas folks dyno'd as well:






March 5th is fast approaching. Will you be there?

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The updates have been slow, but here ya go:


March Madness


Freaky Friday - most of the day was dedicated to test-n-tune, as well as RaceCraft licensing for our rookies. Glenn Landrum ( #70 CMC Camaro ), Steve Kent ( #1 CMC Mustang ) both hit an FFR Cobra ( as posted here ). The #70 returned this morning for competition.


Spectacular Saturday - proved to be a fast day. In a first for me, I managed to out-qual the entire CMC field ( which is now 6 cars strong ). AI #23 ( John George ) took the AI pole. Race 1 final results for AI - #23, #16 ( Mike Bell ), and #8 ( Mike Patterson ). CMC - Neil Breitenbach ( driving Todd Covini's #2 Mustang ) took 1st, #5, then #79. The top 2 CMC laptimes were within 2 1/1000's of a second! Nick Runyon scored a podium finish in his very first race, taking 3rd in R1!!


Race #2 was very interesting - there was problems with the new Timing and Scoring software, so it was decided to grid the field based on this morning's qual times. That put the same folks on pole. The first part of the race went well - the AI leaders basically left the pack behind. In CMC, the race was between 3 CMC cars from last season - #2, #5 and #17. I led most of the race, until Neil stuck his nose in, and accidentally hit my passenger rear tire, causing both of us to spin. My car stalled, forcing me to let most of the field go by. That put me a bit further back in the pack, which was actually very cool - it allowed me to race with the new guys. Corey Rueth ( CMC #13, now nicknamed "Sideways" ), Glenn Landrum and Nick Runyon weren't about to take it easy, and created plenty of work for me.


R2 final results had John George, Mike Bell, and Mike Patterson, respectively. In CMC, #17, #2 and #5 took the podium.


Huge, huge kudos to our rookies - each have performed admirably, and have really picked up the pace.


The AI lap record fell twice today - first by John George in R1, running a smok'n 1:22.9xx. Mike Bell (Admiral) didn't take that standing still, and fired back wtih a 1:22.179 in R2! Congrats to Mike.


The FLD for CMC on Saturday was set by yours truly, with a 1:27.343. The CMC lap record still stands @ 1:26.1xxx.


Lot's of parts carnage Friday, much of it refreshed out of my spares box - CMC #17 lost a HG, as well as part of an intake valve. I did a RT to the house and back to get him a spare set out of my garage - Eric, with a few other racers worked until 2am fixing it. Chris Lyons changed his clutch overnight. Corey Rueth cut through a brake line, and then stripped out the caliper. 2 spare lines, and 2 spare calipers from my parts box found their way onto his car. Maybe I should sell parts more often.




And a pic for al the F-body enthusiasts:




More updates tomorrow.

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I had a great time! Nice meeting everyone! Did you and #2 collide at all in the last race? I saw you two side by side(what else is new), and saw you both spin out. The #2 car got back on track before you, but it looked as if you made contact. Either way, SHIT, that was some good racing!! I'm hoping my car is back on the track in the next few months, it's just that I'm buying a house, and the funds just aren't there for me to complete it! Y'all have fun and BE CAREFUL on Sunday!


-MattB(CMC #666 as soon as it's back on the road)

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Thanks for the recap. It was great meeting you and Todd. I had a blast, but had to bail early Sunday and didn't get to see the end of the race. I left after the white car caught on fire. What happened?


In a nutshell, I'm hooked! The highlight was seeing 2 AI Mustangs and an AI Camaro spank a Ferrari 355


I hope to be joining you guys on the track soon.



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To be fair to Rob Lay (the Ferrari driver), "Spank" might not be a completely accurate description of what happened. I was gridded 4th right behind the 355C and he got a great start (he qualified 2nd, over a half-second faster than me or the other AI cars). I was able to follow him into Rattlesnake in 2nd overall and I stuffed it in underneath him a few corners later. At that point he had one AI car in front of him and two right behind him so he let us race amongst ourselves for the AI class win. Rob is a class act and would have that type of situational awareness. He also has alot of SRX7 seat time and race experience so I'm sure he is no stranger to close tight racing.


While I was jazzed to be leading the race for a few laps it is rare IMHO that someone can say they "spanked" car A or car B, there is a ton of give and take out there. If I had a beautiful Ferrari 355C you can bet I'd let those Mustangs and Camaros by if they were as racy and as close as we were last weekend! Glad you came out and hope to see you at the track with NASA soon!

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Just thought it was cool seeing AI cars running in the same league with an exotic costing 5-6x more. From where I sat in the stands it was very impressive. That's all

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It was cool being in the car too! Just wanted to point out that there is a lot of give and take that goes on out there that enables us to dance close together with exotics and not have contact. Not throwing rocks at you, glad to hear you came out and hope to see you out there in May!


I was a bit nervous being around such an expensive race car, but I knew Rob was an experienced racer.

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