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Need a clutch recommendation....


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Well, I'm looking for a clutch recommendation.


M-21 trans/ 454 motor


73 Camaro


I want something that's better suited towards the road racing, because I see in the future that I'm gonna be trying to get the car on a track for some laps or at the LEAST some auto-x time.


Someone mentioned to me the centerforce II units aren't really that hot for any sort of road race due to the changing take up points from the weights at different RPM's.


Also - would it be a good idea to get an aluminum flywheel as well ?? It'll have to wait til later....but if its an idea..I can start saving my pennies now



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Sounds like you're building a cool car!

I too am building a "sorta" Trans Am car with my '67 Fastback Mustang.


I love my Centerforce clutch and have ignored some of those rumors. It has worked great for me.


For more info on your setup, you may want to post over at the American Iron forum on www.nasaforums.com.


Since the AI rules allow for your intended engine combination, you may get more feedback there.


Best of luck!

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