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Tow Hook Ideas

Tony G

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As you may know, Tow hooks are now required.

I would hope that you would try to not do any kind of a hook that extends out from the bumper very far as I can see this being a possible contact ( and hole punching) problem.

So try to make the hooks as neat and transparent as possible.

I myself and Don Trask are using a very strong rope ( 6500 lbs strength)which will be tied to a frame point and just sit there below the bumper area with a nice loop ready for the safety crew if ever needed.

Just an idea for you all.


Tony Guaglione

CMC # 55

Team Hi Line Motorsports

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does the stock attachment tang that is located on frame rail outside radiator sopport not count as a tow eye on a 3rd gen.?? it's where we attach the straps when towing ...cmc #6

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The plan for front and rear is to:


1) Slit the bumper cover just to the front & side of the bumper mount.

2) unbolt the bumper from the bumper shock tube mount.

3) slide the eye of the strap between the bumper and bumper mount and around the bumper mount.

4) bolt up the bumper to it's mount again

5) leave most of the excess behind the bumper...pull out strap as needed.


We'll see if my plan is as easy as my 1-2-3-4-5.

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I'm going to try sewing up a few of my recently outdated harness straps to make my own. Those Turner guys want crazy money.



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we could wight a chapter on the various hooks that showed up at our first race..=..welded, billet round, square. big hole vs little hole... but the prize goes to CMC car # 9 ..Don, the yatchsman that he is, used a bit a 3/8 inch( about 18" long )yatch braid ( rope for you lanlubbers) made a loop + ran it thru a couple holes in frame and knoted the ends, so the loop hangs out a existing hole in the front and hangs under rear bumper w/ help of a zip tie till used. This is the SOFT and CHEEP approach, just like all boatmen. carson

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Here is what I finally did ...


In the rear, I drilled a 1/2" hole in the bottom of the frame rail, about 2 feet in front of the frame horn. I cut a 2x2 plate, drilled a hole, welded a 1/2" bolt to the plate and then fished the fixture through the frame rail and out the hole I drilled.


So, I have a 1/2" stud sticking out the bottom of the frame rail and the square backing plate will not allow the bolt to spin.


I rigged up a section of 3/16" vinyl coated, stranded cable with the guided eyes on the end ... you know, they look like a tear drop.


I then drilled a hole in the fiberglass bumper and have a 3/16" eye bolt hanging down just below the bumper cover to act as a hanger and a guide.


The reason I mounted the cable 2' from the eye bolt is to soften the angle where the cable feeds through.


Will it work? I hope I never have to find out ....

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I embarrassed to say that they are still in the box on my bench.

I plan to install them before Round 2 and will let you know.


-=- Todd

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It wasn't as easy as 1-2-3-4-5.

I had to add a step 6 to get it done.

The Turner straps are too short to fit around the front/rear bumper mounts and still give enough length to pull out and get a tow hook on.


I had to install a loop section of old harness material to make it work.


If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't purchase the Turner straps.

Too expensive since I ended up having to do some makeshift work myself.


Lesson learned....

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