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gold chains and oakleys

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For 2005 CMC #70 will have two drivers. Flaherty Racing will have both Brady and Ryan driving the car. I may not be able to make all the races, and Ryan wants to try to his hand at CMC.


Flaherty Racing will be supported by no other than Dennis the Menace Flaherty as the Chief Crew Chief!


See you all in Fontana!



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Well, Tony, did you get to pass Ryan and Brady this weekend???


I thought I saw somewhere that Ryan picked up his first CMC win...any truth to that?

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I didn't drive this past weekensd,as I really wanted to spend the time making sure all went as planned (and it more than did).

It was actually nice having Robinson drive this past weekend, and I got the chance to sit in the stands and watch the fun,and man was that fun watching!

So, I'll have to kick Ryans ass later in the year or maybe next month at Infineon if he dares to show up,as I'm going to pull out a can of whoop ass and clean Team Flaherty's ( both of them) clocks out.

Time to polish the blue oval on the SN95, the one I'll put on the back of the car so they can actually see it...


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