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group pit/parking

Kevin Hall

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Any word on where the mere mortals can pit who didn't pop the hunnert bucks for a garage? The traffic map makes it look like we can park across from the garages (Mount Olympus?) where the others will be, any idea if this is the case? We'll be taking the car over tonight after work, so I'd like to be able to hang with the others.



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Kevin, I haven't heard yet where our (Guaglione/Robinson, Plum, Simpson) garages are so if you can find out when you get there try to set aside some space for the group directly across from them. I will be there around 10am Friday with 2 trailers. Thanks.


Greg Robinson

Team Hi Line

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I should be there early friday morning as well.

Hopefully we can section off enough area opposite where the CMC garages are allocated to fit us all in.


See YA

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We're heading over right now.


The Garage map showed where the CMC folks are, so we'll try to get in that area. My guess is the 44 should be there or on his way as they are coming down from Quincy.


See you tomorrow.



Don't forget they want to tech any cars that don't have annuals, yet.......

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