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I just happened to notice an ad in the back of GRASSROOTS MOTORSPORTS MAGAZINE (the one with Carson's great article) for a mobile chassis dyno. This started me thinking. With all the cars now joining CMC, AI and AIX, it would be a benefit to CMC to have a portable dyno on site at every race weekend. Required dynoing for the top 3 in each race and three chosen at random. That'll keep everyone honest. How do we pay for it? Well, the SCCA, realizing that to invest in the future of the San Francisco Region, set up a self taxing program to pay for what is now Thunderhill Raceway. Drivers paid a $50 surcharge for every race weekend and this paid for the track. A similar program would work for CMC. The entry fees would go to $349 (still cheap) and the money would go into a trust fund until a dyno could be purchased. This would probably take several years but we need to look to the future and as recent posts have proven, with CMC growth there is going to be a real pressure to keep everyone legal. Lots more room for ideas on this. RP

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I like the idea (but maybe not the cost) of a dyno at the track. There are lots of ways to alter output, even with the hood 'sealed'. Having one at the track and ready to go would eliminate most of these.


Of course, the cars would have to be impounded post race...

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