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Car almost done!!!


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Hey all, my Z28 is almost done! Changing out the steering column took some of the vagueness out of the steering (thanks again Richard). One more weekend to get the car track day safe and one add'l weekend to get it race legal! I can't wait! I'll be out there at the 4/9 event at Sears. Unless the car blows up.


I kept my car street legal, and as I was sitting on the side of the road after getting pulled over for going sideways through an intersection, (it was raining, not intentional officer, I swear!) I started thinking about the reliability of my timing chain. Like the rest of the car, it is probably the original one from 140K miles ago. How often do you guys change them out? Every year? If it does break is it a big deal? On my Nissan I was told that if it snaps the valves hit the pistons and it’s all over. Is this true for my 305?


On a related topic, I noticed in the rules one of the few modifications allowed to the engine is the use of an Al water pump. I know that the stock water pump is really inefficient, (something like 60%) since it was designed for ease of manufacture rather than performance. Seems like an easy place to pick up a few hp, any suggestions?



(Soon to be CMC #53)

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