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question about classing


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I was looking over the entry list for the 25 hour, and something caught my attention.


the two 06 civic SI's are run under the USTCC classing and are classed into E1. the two 05 civic SI's are classed under the HC H1 banner. Now for both classes you can't do any internal mods to the K series motor. Now in H1 the si is most likely running the JDM k series with 220hp verus the civic SI that has 197hp. BUT here is were it get weird to me. The cars run AGAINST each other in USTCC. You have a car runing the JDM k motor and a car running the USDM K motor, the weights are different of course.


Is this a missprint of the classes?


Edit- i just looked and it seems like all USTCC cars are E1 and H1 are E0.

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