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Bravo Zulu to Dennis Flaherty and Karen Salvaggio

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Direct copy of the front page of NASA's web page:





RICHMOND, CA (March 8, 2007) The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Southern California Chapter of the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) to host a team of engineering students at the upcoming California Speedway event on March 16-18, 2007 through the SAE's "Pit Crew for a Day" program. This partnership was developed by Dennis Flaherty of "Racing for a Reason," in partnership with NASA racers Mike Peters (Performance Touring) and Karen Salvaggio who competes in NASA's Factory Five Racing Challenge. Mike and Karen are both educators by trade, and this connection came through their work in developing quality programs for high school age and early college students who seek career paths into automotive/engineering fields. The key efforts of Richard Radcliff, who is an instructor in the Corona-Norco Unified School District, and serves as crew chief for the #59 CMC Mustang, have also made this program possible.


The SAE originally established this program in a partnership with the NHRA John Force's Team), and they are now expanding into road racing. NASA is very excited about the new relationship and many of the NASA racers are looking forward to working with the students during the weekend. Several teams of engineering students from UC Irvine and Cal Poly Pomona will join NASA racers for the day on Saturday. They will be working on the cars in the pits as well as learning car dynamics and general race operations. HPDE3 Group Leader Mike Peters and Karen will also be working with HPDE3 students in a test program using the MaxQData acquisition system to improve driving techniques. NASA has also invited local high school shop class instructors and some students, as well as representatives from local community college programs at Mt. San Jacinto and Chaffey College to check out the program. NASA hopes that this humble beginning will help develop the next generation of race enthusiasts, and establish NASA as "the" place to learn "New School" racing.

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