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Gas Prices for the 25


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I was curious why pump grade unleaded fuel is going to cost us $3.95 a gallon at the 25? I understand and am all for buying the gas at the track to support the facility, but 3.95 a gallon! Give us a break! That is over $1.50 a gallon more then pump price. Respectfully submitted.

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We run 87 in our RX7 and at this time its $2.37 per gal at our local station. We have not been told what the price will be, just pump price so I "ASSUME" that’s $2,37 Ya Right!


Also, remember no Hwy Tax to pay for, so that is even a larger profit to CL or the track ... the whole gas deal stinks.


We even asked the track (as they asked) to have our fuel brought in by a professional hauler with CA HWY Gas Transportation tags and was told NO


Hope Jerry can get this back to NASA members supporting the 25 hour race and not feeling like we are getting the shaft at the pump.


Regardless see ya in a few days!

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