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Midwest/Great Lakes Crossover at Autobahn Sept 2014

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Great weather and great racing weekend for CMC. 3 races, 3 different winners, Sunday's races < .2 sec between P1 and P2 and a new track record. It was a spectacular weekend for all!


Here's some pics.

Saturday's Race



Sunday Race 1



Sunday Race 2



Single Cars and More


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Thanks for posting the pics Todd and thank Belinda for taking them.


This weekend was what Great Lakes/Midwest CMC racing is all about.


Thanks to everyone that helped me change my R&P by providing parts, labor and advice.


I'd really like to see the video from the steering wheel incident if we can convince a certain someone to post it

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Awesome pictures!


I think we've found the official Midwest/Great Lakes CMC photographer!


Thank you for posting them.

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