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Mustang Brake options

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I have some of the individual component weight values from the manufacturers, but my list is incomplete. If anyone knows what they are, it would be helpful to compare the combined weight of the calipers, caliper brackets and mounting hardware, and rotors in order to make a comparison between the Wilwood and StopTech big brake kits and the OEM SN95 Cobra parts.

What I've compiled here is a list/comparison of the most likely options when it comes to Mustang brakes. With an eye towards purchase cots and the cost of replacing consumables, it focuses primarily on the differences up front as it appears no matter what is run up front, the OEM Cobra master cylinder with an adjustable proportioning valve and Cobra rear rotors and calipers with racing brake pads of preference are the most widely accepted setup for the rest of the brake system. Since 17" wheels are allowed, it will also concentrate on 13" rotor options. Prices listed are standard retail from the manufacturers website or other major outlet.

Comments and individual experience is more than welcome.

Option 1 - OEM Mustang Cobra one piece cast aluminum 2-pistion calipers with parts store OEM single piece cast iron rotors

* $75 / pair of non-directional rotors at Autozone

* $235 / set of Hawk DTC60 pads

Option 2 - OEM Mustang Cobra calipers/pads with replacement 2-piece aluminum hat/iron ring rotors

A) BAER Eradispeed+ plain surface rotors, black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum hats, directional rotors

* $585 / pair rotors

* $325 / pair replacement rotor rings, plain(no cross drilling, slotting, or zinc wash), no hardware

B) fulltiltboogieracing.com HD/Roadrace FT8000HD 2-piece bolt together rotors, slotted, zinc plated, directional vanes (same as BAER at a better price?)

* $595 / pair rotors

* $326 / pair replacement rotor rings, slotted, zinc plated, directional vanes

* 3 lbs weight savings over OEM rotors (16.18 lbs vs. 19.1 lbs)

C) DBA 5000 series

* $1207 / pair rotors

* $875 / pair replacement rotor rings

Option 3 - 4-piston caliper and 2-piece rotor kits

A) StopTech

* forged aluminum ST40 calipers, 7.9 lbs. each

* 13" Aerorotors - full floating, directional vanes, anodized aluminum "aerohat" 17.2 lbs each, 1.25" thick

* $2500 full kit price

* $650 / pair replacement rotor rings

* $315.66 / set of Hawk DTC60 pads HB141N.650

B) Wilwood

* 4SL4R/ST Quicksilver calipers, 4.4 lbs. each

* HD series rotors, directional vane, forged aluminum GT hats

* $2250 full kit price

* $410 / pair replacement rotor rings

* $196.54 / set of Hawk DTC60 7420 pads

Additional notes:

* Seems to be a big advertised weight difference between Wilwood and StopTech calipers

* Best price on StopTech kit found was $2000 w/free shipping, but not sure it's still valid.

* A set of Autozone rotors will last us an entire season. We replace them as a matter of fact yearly and keep the old ones as spares.

* Proper cooling arrangement with good air supply directed at the hub/inner portion of the rotors is critical to making the rotors last.

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