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Stack ST8130M Dash Display w/ 3 Expansion Modules

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Stack ST8130 Dash Display
 - (3x) Expansion Modules: Expansion, Data Recorder, Expansion/Recorder
 - Water Temp sensor
 - (2x) Accelerometer
 - G-Sensor (ST791)
 - Infrared Sensor (ST543) to read lap timer beacons
 - 'Predictive Lap Timer' optional feature
 - Speed sensor (wheel/driveshaft)
 - 0-8k tachometer w/ sweep test and recall feature
 - Reads: Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Speed (Min/Max), Fuel Level, Fuel Pressure, Battery Voltage, Lap Times/Prediction
 - sub-harnesses for attaching the expansion modules
 - (4x) buttons for controlling dash
 - PDF of manuals and 'Gateway Editor' software included
 - Highest spec version (8130M) w/o boost/odometer options.
 - Shift and warning lights built into display
 - Used in motorsports, early Konnesseigs

ON EBAY: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254144641088



More pics: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2k62ogmsw/

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