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Aldrin V.

2019 Toyo Tires Contingency Program Decal Guidelines - SPEC TIRE Classes Only

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Aldrin V.
Posted (edited)

Here is where you will find the 2019 Toyo Tires Contingency Program Decal Guidelines. These guidelines are for SPEC TIRE CLASSES ONLY. Open classes are not required to follow these decal guidelines.

To be eligible for the Toyo Tires Contingency Program you must properly display decals on your vehicle as shown and register once a year for the program.

Yearly Contingency Registration for Spec Tire classes can be found HERE


Decal placements for the Toyo Tires Contingency Program during the 2019 race season will not be mandatory. 

Decal placements will be enforced for drivers planning to participate at the NASA National Championships at Mid Ohio September 18-22, 2019

Beginning in the 2020 Race Season proper placements of Toyo Decals will be strictly enforced for ALL NASA Competitors and vehicles. Competitors not in compliance will result in the denial of your claim and anyone caught cheating will be permanently banned from the program. 

Although not required, we strongly suggest you follow the decal guidelines for the 2019 Race Season. 









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