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2019 Season Time Trials Info

Adam S.

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Hey all,

<This info was sent out via email 4/13/18. Posting here for those that aren't on the distribution list>

It's 2019, Spring is finally here and the racing season is in full swing! Like many, you might busy getting the race car ready and can't wait to hit the track. For those that headed up to National Corvette Museum (NCM) for the crossover event with the Great Lakes Region, nice work on getting some times in for the championship.

2019 Championship Standings

Here are the latest standings:

It sounds like we had a few issues last year, so I will do my best to ensure the points are up to date the day after each event. The current supplemental regulations means you need 6 separate TT point days (covered by 3 weekends) to be eligible for the regional championship.

Race and Get Paid For It… $$$

Well almost! Don't forget to check out the contingencies available to you as a TT competitor. This includes everything from tires, brakes to thousands of dollars in cash prizes.

Some contingencies require you to register ahead of time and most have other requirements (such as decals). All can be found at the following site:

(use the "Contingencies by series" to find all TT eligible programs)

Next Event and TT License

With just 6 weeks until Memorial Madness (at the fantastic Heartland Park Topeka facility), don't forget to renew your TT license. If you're like me, your membership renewal might not align with your license expiration (so it's easy to forget).

It looks like it's $20 for the license renewal this year and it's easy to do. I've had a few questions about how to do this so here's a quick rundown:

  • Head over to https://www.nasaproracing.com/
  • In the upper right corner sign in (using your email or member #)
  • Once signed in, click on your name where the login box was (above "My Events")
  • From here select "Licenses"
  • And then click on Purchase License
  • Select "Time Trial: $20"
  • And then head to the checkout

(If you have a current NASA Racing License this will cover you for any TT entries. If you aren't yet licensed, here is the application form)

Whilst you are there, it is a great opportunity to get signed up for the events! As always, it's best to get signed up early. This helps us get a car count for the weekend (for all of our behind the scene preparations) and ensure that you don't miss out on an event if ends up selling out.

Next Event Sign Up: Memorial Madness - Heartland Park Topeka (gates open midday Friday)

If you have not yet been to Heartland Park, it is a great track and the new pavement has been excellent… and of course being Memorial Weekend, everyone gets to recover from the "Racing Hangover" on the Monday!

Full 2019 NASA Central Schedule:

$199 Discount off Registration (4th registered event):

Annual Tech

Do not forget, when signing up you only need to select the Tech Inspection if you want to do your annual tech. For those not familiar, this is a one-time fee each year and gives your car a tech pass for the entire year. This saves you time and hassle when you come to a NASA central event (as always it's still your responsibility to ensure the car is track worthy). Transponders are available for rental unless you have your own.

Of course you can also do your annual tech ahead of time! Here's a list of the regions tech shops:

CCR (say what?!)

Winter was long and hard but I am sure you all have all been refreshing yourself on the CCR (and if you do not know what that stands for you really are in trouble!). A reminder that it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the rules and any changes. You can find the CC, TT Rules, Forms (including contingency) here:

TT Car Classification

If you've changed cars or made modifications don’t forget to get your TT Car Classification Form updated:

2019 NASA Nationals

If you were not aware, registration for the 2019 NASA Nationals opened Wednesday. There's a great discount when signing up early, so check out the details:

You will need results from 4 TT Points Days so another reason to get your events booked in this year! When I checked last night it looked like there were already 100 registrations, so things are off to a great start.

Number Reservation

Here is the latest spreadsheet to reserve your numbers for 2019. Feel free to pop your name on the list, or mark your name in black if it is already there.


Finally I wanted to ask that if anyone has any feedback or suggestions (with respect to TT), feel free to shoot me an email. We want 2019 to be a great year, so happy to hear everyone's thoughts.

Let's make it an awesome season!


Adam Spence

NASA Central TT Director

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