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Cali tech inspection -- TT

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Will my Calif tech inspection for my TT car be approved in AZ, or will I have to have it done track-side (I probably won't make it down in time to have it done off-site). If track-side, will there be a fee and if so how much?


I would be traveling over two days, departing SF Bay Area Thurs after

4 PM and planning on arriving in Phoenix Friday afternoon. Can anyone recommend a route with a good (OK, decent) spot to layover with truck and trailer Thursday night? (Same in reverse for the trip home Sunday/Monday). Will I be able to get into the paddock to stay over Friday night?


Also, I'm wondering if it would be best to dive into TT (E) or maybe HPDE (2 or 3) instead because I don't know the track...


Last but not least, I'm a little hestiant to make the trip alone, so I'm still on the fence about the whole concept...



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I'd guess you would be ok with a California tech. Even so track side tech is not bad and given the distance you are traveling it does not make sence to do a Arizona tech.


As for layovers... I guess it depends how far you can go Thursday night. Once you hit the Az border PIR is maybe 2 to 3 hrs more. Speed limit is also 75 in Az


Rough guess is over light layover would be east of LA maybe Palm Springs. That way you are past much the traffic in the AM.


The other option is somewhere around Kingman Az if you taking I-40 east.

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Your California Tech(logbook I assume) is fine. TT is run in HPDE 4 so that's where you would run. Depending on how much seat time you have, you should be fine. I usually run in HPDE 3 just because it's not quite as fast and I know pretty much everyone in the group, the HPDE 4 guys are fast, and most are driving caged track cars, I still gotta drive mine to work on monday...


Look forward to seeing you!!



NASA-AZ Tech Co-Chief

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