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SU WERC Teams for 2006 - Roll Call

Rea Realty Group

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Hello All,


This is following the post on the SU forum for the sprint races. What teams are planning to run the WERC for 2006:


Rea Realty Group - Porsche 951 (LS1 V8 powered)



It sounds like it should be a great year, and we are going to shoot for running the whole series and 25 Hours of TH.


Who else is in, and for how many races?



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We are planning on running most of the 3 hour events, but not the 25 hour. I think we may run a Spec Racer Ford for the 25 hour (less gas and tires than the comp coupe )

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Team SRC E0 will be running for sure at all the SoCal events and the Sears Pt. race as well!


Thanks Ryan and Jerry looks great!

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