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Option to Supersize to GTS1 at 2019 National Championship

Michael G.

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We changed Ratio for GTS 1 in 2019 making the option of super sizing at certain larger events, like Championship, easier for Spec E30 and Spec 944 drivers, where those classes run in different groups. The new Ratio is 1 : 17.  Former ratio of 18.5 would require either de-tune or adding large ballast  to fit in GTS 1, and the cars were not competitive in GTS 2. The new ratio of 17 should make a direct transfer with no adjustment. GTS also allow open tire Rules and open aero to make it go even faster.

We will be happy to see drivers to join GTS 1 at upcoming Championship at Mid Ohio.



Michael Gershanok,

GTS Nat. Dir.

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