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1992 Nissan NX2000 Hardtop


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Price: $2500 Firm

Vehicle: Nissan NX2000
Year: 1992
Trans: Manual
Roof: Solid no T-Top
Condition: Non Running

I'm definitely trying to reduce my vehicle count. That being said if there are no takers for this car I will just keep and restore it to the nice street car I was planning to make out of it.

This particular vehicle I purchased in 2011 as a non runner. The engine that came with the car was heavily sludged. I have a feeling the engine was the reason the car was a non runner. The sludge engine was pulled out and scrapped. My intention was to install the SR20VE and just enjoy this vehicle as a fun daily. Life happened and I got distracted with other things and I never got this car on the road.

The car was a Texas car prior to me parking it in GA. Southern car its entire existence therefore rust is minimal.

It has been stored inside a garage since I purchased the vehicle in 2011.

After purchase I had to get a Georgia bonded title for the vehicle since the documents I was given were not sufficient. So a Georgia Bonded in my name comes with the vehicle.

What Comes with the car: 
1.) Set of used aftermarket axles
2.) SR20VE engine 
3.) RS5F32V transmission that came with the vehicle (Mystery transmission. I don't know if anything is wrong with it)
4.) Brand New Hyperco Springs (2011 Group Buy)+ KYB AGX Struts (This lowers the vehicle 1")
5.) Stock NX2000 exhaust from the cat back.
6.) Stock NX2000 wheels. (Tires are probably too old at this point)
7.) NX2000 Stock ECU
8.) NX2000 Engine Bay Harnesses

What the car will need 
1.) Suspension refresh since the bushings are very old with high miles.
2.) Paint and body refresh. There are hail dents, regular dents, and scrathes on the paint.
3.) ECM to control Sr20VE engine
4.) A sr20ve exhaust manifold or aftermarket header
6.) Radiator
7.) Clutch
8.) Flywheel
9.) Most likely a new headliner(The front corners of the current headliner have been damaged.
10.) New tires
11.) Windshield
12.) Fuel Filter
13.) Gas tank flush

I'd like to sell the car with everything listed as it would save me the hassle of having to pull off parts. However I can also consider selling things separately.

Rolling Shell+ Engine Harnesses+ NX2K ECM+Mystery RS5F32V+Used Aftermarket Axles+Used Junkyard B13 Suspension: $1200 USD Obo

Brand New Hypercos (2011 group buy. Only installed on struts no driving miles.) + Used AGX Struts+ Koni Bumpstops+ New Nissan Dust boots+New Nissan Top Hat hardware: $600 USD + Shipping + Fees

SR20VE Engine: $1000 obo (This is negotiable but I'm not dropping a huge amount)

**Sale only no trades**
**Local Sale Preferred**
















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