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Porsche & maybe a general suspension question

Jeffrey Antonelli

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I am greatly enjoying the beginning of my second HPDE year. Last year when I began, I bought a beautiful 2009 911 base Carrera with about 48,000 miles. Thing is, now that I am up to about 7 HPDE events now I’ve had to fix a few things I would not expect to have to repair and I am a little concerned if a Porsche is as durable as I had thought. Your thoughts and experience will be greatly appreciated.

This week I had a passenger side lower control arm replaced after I noticed some minor squeaking. I have read the usual need is at 90-100k milies. So this seems really premature. 

In addition to now being on my 3rd set of brake pads and second set of front rotors, in this past year I have also replaced:

- belt hydraulic tensioner and related parts  $1k

- radiator pipes running from front of car to rear  $2k

- new set of tires (Michelin Pilot Sport 4S) $1,400

The  normal wear items I completely understand. The expensive radiator pipes and then accessories belt hydraulic tensioner and related parts raised my eyebrow. Researched them and appears “normal” for a 10 year old car with just 50,000 miles.

 But lower control arm now? That is what is making me think that maybe the Porsche durability thing maybe is not as robust as I had thought. Is BMW any better in terms of durability?

many thanks in advance.








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Track driving obviously puts significantly more strain on suspension components.  This is true for any car on stock suspension.  You will wear out every piece of rubber, and your shocks, over time.

That being said, a 2009 911 should be a relatively reliable track car.

The best thing about modern Porsches is that they have large brakes and effective cooling systems, so they don't need to be upgraded in these areas for heavy track use.

In general, some high performance brake pads and fluid, and good tires is all you need to do to track a modern Porsche.  Most other cars will need more than that.

To have equivalent reliability in a BMW, you would have to go all the way back to an e36 m3 in my oppinion.


Keep the 911, keep having fun.

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Jeff -- In my option your best place to get info on some of the replacement part questions you've asked is on www.rennlist.com     There is a forum for all different models and lots of members in the forum.

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