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How Peter Oneppo went from hpde to on to three podiums his first year


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Hi all.

I host a podcast called Technik Podcast. I interview and have discussions with all the different characters in our automotive community. As I am primarily an endurance racer I tend to promote to the WERC guys. A buddy of mine who runs HPDE said I should tell you guys about this episode, as it covers how a Hpde driver,  in his fist year got fast and is in the points of three race series. 

If you want to hear a topic discussed let me know as will get to work on it. I also have a interview with Ryan Flahrty and we discuss some HPDE topic. Anyway if there is anything you have ever wanted have unpacked and discussed let me know. Here is the links if one doesn't work the other will. Depends on operating system. Also on Itunes

Cheers, Peter


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