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Roman V.

Welcome Super Touring and TT1-TT6 Competitors to the 2019 NASA Championships!

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Roman V.

From Greg Greenbaum:

Welcome to the 2019 NASA Championships Presented by Toyo Tires.

We have a great crew of Series Directors who will be working with you to help ensure that everyone is complying with series and class rules. We are using an automated compliance inspection database for this event, and part of that process is for all of you to upload your latest and greatest ST/TT Car Classification Forms online along with your Dyno information (graph, data output, Certification form) to the “NASA Championships” Region on the online Car Classification Form. You can do this by either filling out a new form and uploading your latest Dyno information, or using the edit function and change the region if everything on your current form is correct. Once you review and submit a new form, you will be sent an e-mail that has a link to download the timestamped .pdf version of your forms as well as a link to edit your forms. If you edit and submit, you will be sent a new e-mail, but the timestamp will not change from the original submission time; however, the new timestamp will show up on the publicly posted website database. As a failsafe as we continue to work on the use of new technology, and as stated in the ST/TT Rules, you DO need to bring the printed, time-stamped .pdf version of the form that is returned to you by e-mail, along with all of the hard copies of your Dyno data.These papers will need to be turned in to your Series Director at the Thursday 6:30 pm meeting for the racers, and at the Friday 3:30 pm meeting for the TT competitors.

If you have any questions about the ST or TT Rules or a modification to your vehicle, ask now, not after we get to the event! If it doesn’t say it is okay in the rules and you do not have specific written approval from the National Director, then it’s probably not alright. Your fellow competitors can protest for any rules non-compliance, and, “Mr. X told me that it was okay in my region.” has never been a winning defense in a protest. Our goal as Race and Series Directors is to help you have the most fun possible at this fantastic event, so please don’t put us into situations where we need to assess penalties. Feel free to verify anything you have a question about with me. [email protected]

We’ll be sending out more specific separate e-mails to the ST and TT competitors to introduce your Series Directors, provide supplemental class/series rules (TT), and go over additional information that you may find helpful.

Your ST and TT Officials, who are all volunteers, are revved up and looking forward to seeing some great driving from you folks!

Greg Greenbaum, M.D.
NASA National ST & TT Director
NASA Championships TT Race Director

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