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Roman V.

Welcome 2019 NASA Championships Super Touring Competitors!

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Roman V.

From Greg Greenbaum:

As we embark on our 14th year of Championship events, I’d first like to thank all of you for your participation. Six of you will soon be crowned NASA Super Touring National Champions! We have a great crew of Series Directors who will work as a team to help ensure that the rules are adhered to, and that you have the most fun possible.

Your Series Directors are:
Chase Johnston (Group A, ST1-3)
Joe Sullivan (Group H, ST4-6)
Greg Greenbaum (National ST Director)

As you can see on the schedule, the ST classes are spread over two different run groups. So, we have assigned a specific Series Director who you will hand your time-stamped ST Car Classification Form to and will be your point of contact for that run group. However, as I mentioned, they will be working together as a team along with the assistance of the TT Series Directors during pre-grid, impounds, and inspections. I will also be available as needed to assist with rules questions and interpretations.

Please read all of the information on the Championships website before arrival, and review the Super Touring rules. If you have questions, please ask them now. Don’t wait until after the competition has started. As well, if you see a potential issue with a competitor’s vehicle in terms of rules compliance, let us know or speak to the competitor about it right away as well. Hard copy Car Classification Forms and Dyno information should be turned in at the 6:30pm driver’s meeting on Thursday during the group breakouts.

We are looking forward to having a fantastic event and loads of fun, and we can’t wait to see some great driving from you folks!

Greg Greenbaum, M.D.
NASA National ST & TT Director
NASA Championships TT Race Director

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