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2 sets of wheels / tyres

Nick M

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Set 1 :


5 x Compomotive MOs - 6" x 15" (will take upto a 205/50/15 tyre) in silver. Excellent condition. Bolt pattern is 4 x 4 1/4" (108mm) and the offset is 15mm (backspace is 3.6" or 91.2mm) and the centre bore is 2.5" or 63.5mm.


This is a standard Ford 4 bolt hub fitting and will fit, among other things, Alfa Romeos, Mustangs (with 4 bolt hubs), Merkurs, Sunbeam Alpines and Porsche 924s.


All 5 wheels have tyres on them (Yokohama A520s, Falken ZE-502s and 1 Avon CR-28) which have a useable amount of tread left on them.


Looking for $400 ovno for these wheels.



Set 2 :


4 x Diamond Racing steel wheels with Hoosier R45 slicks - 6" x 13" wheels with 6" road race compound slicks which still have a reasonable amount of life left in them (been used on track twice and autocrossed about 4 times) . The shells are spun steel, not the heavier rolled steel versions, and are powder coated silver.


Same bolt pattern - 4 x 4 1/4" with 3.5" backspace (offset is 13mm).


Looking for about $250 for these wheels / tyres



I can deliver in or around the Phoenix area. Photos available upon request to [email protected] or call me, Nick Milton, on 623 487 3066 after about 6.00pm.

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