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Rule Proposal : FWD modifier to become "FWD Production Vehicle"


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Non production vehicles / factory race cars have a clear advantage in performance due to extensive engineering and testing, the scope of which is not possible at a club racing level.  TCR factory race cars are starting to enter NASA, mostly in ST3, but with the recent availability of used race cars from professional teams it can be expected for them to start entering GTS.  The factory developed race chassis equipped to these non production vehicles do not suffer the inherent lack of performance engineered in to production front wheel drive cars to improve stability and safety.   

The current FWD modifier is adequate for independently developed front wheel drive race cars, but is not required for TCR factory built race cars to be competitive.  

Any overall non-production vehicle modifier would effect too many current racers (cup cars), so this rule is only applicable to FWD non production vehicles.


Supporting data for this rule can only be provided from raw lap times in 2018/2019 ST3 races that were entered by TCR race cars, but the theory behind this rule is evident to motorsport professionals and enthusiasts alike.  

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Interesting.   We have not seen any TCR cars in our region yet (NASA Rocky Mountain), but I can definitely see your point and agree that there should be verbiage added around defining a production vehicle.

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