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2001 E46 M3 Fully Built Track Car


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It’s a sad day for me to want to write this but I am selling my beloved E46 M3 track car.

This is a turn-key track car that is extremely capable and fun to drive. It wouldn’t take much to convert it to a competitive race car (remove the rest of the front interior, finish the cage, add a fire system).

Bought it in 2014 with 113k miles, it now has roughly 132k on the clock. Every nut and bolt on this car has been turned at some point, and anything that could be upgraded or refreshed for better on-track performance has been done including bushings, mounts, suspension arms, etc.

The car was used as a test platform for N15 Design products -- it has the full suite of goodies and produces a good amount of downforce with minimal drag. The aero and mechanical balance are superb.

The engine itself has been left unmodified for best reliability. Everything from the airbox to the exhaust port has been left stock aside from a tune, IAT relocation, and MAF delete.

No expense has been spared mechanically. Each mod has been meticulously selected and vetted for quality, durability, and ease of maintenance. High quality OE or OEM parts are used throughout. You’ll notice all parts are very low mileage — I had intended to keep this car for a long time but another opportunity for a fun track car arose.

This car is dead nuts reliable and has never left me stranded. I've replaced nearly every part that could conceivably do so, and many more as preventative maintenance. No overheats on track even on 100F days.

Please feel free to peruse the build thread as there is more discussion there about why and how certain parts were installed: http://m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=473907

The majority of the work has been performed by yours truly with help and guidance from the experts at Performance Eurowerks in Buffalo Grove, IL for more involved labor.

This car did a 1:54 at Buttonwillow 13CW in October 2018 on Pirelli DH Scrubs after I hadn’t been there in 5 years. I’m sure I left a ton of time on the table, and this car could go under 1:50 on a cool day.

2:30 flat at Road America on 10 day old Maxxis RC-1s. I’ve got a log of lap times at tracks this car has been around across the country if you are interested.

This car has been track-only for quite some time and is exclusively trailered to events. It has never seen snow and does not have a single speck of corrosion on it. Always garaged.

I would estimate the car weighs around 2875 as it sits. Further weight reduction possible with a full carbon roof, lexan windows, harness thinning, and removal of the remainder of the front interior.

I’ve provided my best estimates for mileage on wear items below. I also have maintenance records going all the way back to the original owner, though not very many of the original parts are still on the car.

List of maintenance items below. See mod list for things that were replaced with upgraded parts:
Oil changes every 3 track events. Changed at 5000 miles back when it was street driven.
Transmission fluid changes using OE MTF-2 every 5 events
Diff fluid changes every 5 events
Power steering flush (4k miles)
Coolant flush (2k miles)
Water pump (15k miles)
Thermostat (15k miles)
Coolant hoses (15k miles)
Accessory belt (15k miles)
Driveshaft Center Support Bearing (15k miles)
Steering shaft coupler (4k miles)
Tie rod boots (4k miles)
Full VANOS rebuild (2k miles) - including tensioner guides, seals, cam gear bolts, etc etc using Beisan and OEM parts
Valve adjustment (4k miles)
Diff rebuild (all bearings, seals, and bushings were replaced when Blanton diff was installed) (2k miles)
Throttle position sensor by oil filter replaced (0 miles)
Fuel filter (4k)
Ignition coils (500 miles)
Rod bearings / bolts (1k miles)
Oil pan gasket (1k miles)
Clutch slave cylinder (2k miles)
Power steering hose (20k miles)
Lemfoerder Control Arms (15k miles)
Lemfoerder Tie Rods (15k miles)
Lemfoerder Upper/Lower Rear Upright Ball Joints (15k miles)
Full corner balance (1k miles)

Items that need work:
- Stone chips on hood, fenders, headlight covers, and bumper from track use. Could use a respray or wrap up front.
- Interior could use a respray to make the sheet metal bits uniform in color.
- Rear bumper has slightly oxidized clear coat on the top surface.
- Front AP rotor rings will need to be replaced soon— I can order these at cost for new owner
- Rear could use an alignment to dial in camber/toe
- Door cards need to be finished. Original plan was to install ABS sheet in place of lower door card area — have the material on hand with template and can provide with sale.

JRZ RS1 Coilovers (15k miles)
JRZ 2.25" Spring Collars
Eibach 750F/900R lbs/in springs
Eibach helper springs
Eibach front spring isolators
Ground Control race camber plates (15k miles)
Ground Control rear weight jacks (15k miles)
Ground Control rear adjustable control arms (15k miles)
Hotchkis Front Sway Bar
Bimmerworld adjustable front sway endlinks (2k miles)
AKG spherical rear shock mounts (15k miles)
AKG front control arm bushings (15k miles)
Turner Motorsport Spherical Upper Control Arm Bushings (100 miles)
Turner Motorsport Spherical RTAB (2k miles)
Turner Motorsport Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushings
Turner Motorsport Subframe reinforcement plates (lower)
Vulcan Racing Fab rear subframe half cage tie-in (upper)
Z3 Non-M Steering Rack
OE strut bar

N15 Design / AP Racing 355mm Front BBK w/ J Hook Rotors (calipers have 3 track days on them)
AP Racing / Essex Rear Caliper
Centric premium high-carbon rear rotors
PFC01 Front pads / PFC 93 Rear
PMu H21 Front pads (used with slicks)
Motul RBF600 brake fluid
HARD Motorsport brake duct kit, driver side modified with 3" intake inlet

HRE R43 18x10 Forged Wheels — Recently re-powdercoated 1 track day
Pirelli DH slicks 265/35/18 (enough tread for one more track day)
APEX 90mm stud kit (1 track day)

RTD V1 Tall Race Shifter
Clutchmasters FX725 Twin Diss 7.25” - twin ceramic race discs (mileage uncertain, no slippage)
Vorshlag 80A transmission mounts (15k miles)
Clutch delay valve delete
Blanton rear LSD (2k miles)
4.10 Motorsport gears (2k miles)

///Beary Alpha-N tune, 335whp/249wtq on 93 Octane (tuned by abad46 here on the forums)
N15 Design MAF Delete w/ IAT sensor integrated
N15 Design MAF Screen Delete Spacer
Bimmerworld Street/Track 3.5” Exhaust
Bimmerworld fuel starvation kit
Agency Power V2 Headers
Secondary Air Pump Delete
AKG 95A engine mounts
Fluidyne Radiator w/ 12% coolant, 1 bottle water wetter, remainder distilled water
Massive SPAL fan mounting brackets
SPAL 16" Curved fan 30102049
AUX Fan delete
Viton CPV o-ring (15k miles)
Beisan oil pump disc (2k miles)
Beisan rebuilt VANOS solenoid (2k miles)
Beisan VANOS anti rattle kit (2k miles)
APR rod bolts (1k miles)
OEM Rod Bearings (1k miles)

Vulcan Racing Fab custom half cage. Full TIG welded chromoly 1.75x.095” tubing. 1” tubing used on cross bars and reinforcement areas for lightest weight.
Yellow nylon strap door pulls
Recaro Profi (driver)
Recaro slider (driver)
VAC Floor plates (driver)
Schroth Profi Enduro HANS 6pt harness
Rogue Engineering Steering Quick Release
NRG Short Hub Adapter
Momo Mod 88 Steering Wheel

Fall Line Motorsports tow strap
Euro aspherical side mirror glass
Angel eyes
Flat black kidney slats
Flat black side grills
Smoked corners
LED tail lights
Body matched front reflectors
LED license plate lights

8300 RPM Redline
Delimited top speed
Shift lights
Oil warm up lights 45-75C, 5C increments
Idle RPM 1070
AUX fan controller trigger temperatures lowered
Cat heating delete
SAP delete
Rear O2 delete
EGT sensor delete

Flossmann Carbon Fiber CSL trunk w/ wing support
Flossmann Carbon Fiber 180cm GT wing
Flossmann Carbon Fiber Front Splitter
Flossmann Carbon Fiber Canards
N15 Design Carbon Fiber Rear wing end plates
N15 Design outer/center hood vents
N15 Design Upper Fender vents
N15 Design Lower Fender vents
Custom aluminum rear wing risers/adjustment plates
Custom acrylic front splitter end plates
S2R Tuning sunroof delete panel

Weight Reduction
AC Delete
Shaved down front door panels
Rear/upper interior removed
Deka ETX30L Battery
Airbags removed
Audio system removed
Radio blank plate
Interior tar removed
Windshield washer tank removed

No passenger seat







Track videos for fun:

High Plains Raceway - 8.16.2018 - E46 M3 2:01.3 - YouTube

Buttonwillow 13CW - 1:54.75 - 10.20.2018 - E46 M3 - Bimmer Challenge B1 - YouTube

The Recaro Pro Racer and AIM MXL2 are not included in the sale. A Recaro Profi will be fitted along with the stock gauge cluster.


Located in Denver, CO

Could arrange delivery for a fee depending on distance. Please feel free to PM me with any questions.

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