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25 Hour Official Photographer

Doug Berger

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Hello Forum,

NASA has asked me to be the Official Photographer for this year's 25 Hours of Thunderhill, so I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.   This will be my 6th year of photographing the 25 hours, and it is my favorite race of the year to photograph.  Over the last few years, hopefully you've seen some of my work, but if not, I have examples posted on my web site (dbpics.com) and social media (which I'll link at the end of this post.)

The most important thing I want to pass along is that I will be offering digital photo packages for sale, and offer discounts for those who purchase and pay prior to the event.  I don't have some fancy click on this link or click on this button thing, because I try to fine tune the packages to match each client's needs.   Some of you need photos ASAP during the race for social media/publicity, while some folks are fine having them in the days/week after the race, and I even offer a budget/economy option.  I realize that some of you may have your own team photographers, and I think that is great, the more coverage for this event the better, and photographers cannot be everywhere, nor always in the right place at the right time, so I'm happy to try to help you out by supplementing their coverage, I've done this for many teams with great success.

Photo packages that are purchased prior to the race receive extra attention, because I know who you are and that I need to be sure to get photos to deliver to you.  That said, especially with endurance races I understand that many of you may be concerned about having the unexpected or circumstances beyond your control end your race early, so we can work around that also, such as starting with the lowest priced option, and depending on how the race goes, we can add to your package as needed.

Teams who are interested in purchasing photo packages or doing a TBD plan are asked to email me at [email protected] and we can figure out what best suits your needs.   Most teams pay by PayPal. Minimum info I need to know are Name/Contact, team name, car number, car color(s), make and model of race car, what class you're racing in, what level of package you're interested in, the importance of turn-around/delivery, and anything else about your needs.

Here is a page with some basic information.  Pricing does vary and I try to work with anyone's budget.

Here is some general package info:  https://dougberger.zenfolio.com/2019_25_hours_of_thunderhill

Here is a link to photos/galleries from the last couple of years:  https://dougberger.zenfolio.com/nasa25

Social Media:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dougbpdx

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dougbergerpdx/

Thank you for your attention!!!

Doug Berger - www.dbpics.com






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