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My name is James, I am a member of a content creation team called Pendulum Tuning Garage (PTG) on the Forza Motorsport and Horzion series of video games. We aren't affiliated with Microsoft, Turn 10 or Xbox just a group of guys who love motorsports and enjoy creating liveries, racing online with friends and creating content for the Forza community to enjoy.

We create in game content centered around racing, replica racing and fantasy designs using the in game livery creator. We have some incredibly talent creators that have seen there virtual designs be used on the real car. Everything you see in the designs created needed to be made from shapes in the editor, there is no shortcuts in creating logos or designs.

Couple of examples;

Barwell Motorsports #77 entry at the Spa 24h in 2018

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 feature a Badass Ford Ranger Raptor

Gamescom wrapped Ford Focus in 2015.

I was wondering if any teams would be interested in potentially working on a collaboration project, between PTG and yourself for the 2020 season?

We are all Motorsport enthusiasts and appreciate racing, design and preparation that goes into creating and running a team for the enjoyment of the fans. Having the opportunity to create a livery would be a huge honor that would surpass any financial incentive. For us it's about appreciation and blurring those lines between virtual and reality. We are looking for an opportunity to create something and build a relationship, not looking for a payment. For everyone within our team this is a hobby and do it for the enjoyment of racing and Motorsport.

Thank you and I appreciate your time.


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