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Tire size question for TT4


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Brian Sasser

Hey I don't mean to hijack your thread but maybe this bump will help us both get answers..

Has anyone tried a Toyo RR 275/35r18 on an 18x11 rim? I'm particularly interested in the apex ec-7 but any data is helpful.

I need to find a TT4 wheel setup that fits within the 282mm template.

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Not sure on your specific 18", but my Toyo RR 255/40/17 on a 17x9.5 APEX Arc-8 wheel clears the 266 template with a few mm to spare.

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Ale Sensoli

hey according to toyos. the P275 ( not sure what P stands for) the rim range is btw 9 and 11 with 'perfect ome' at 9.5

I ran 285 RE71R on 18x11 (ec7) . they fit. they actually good for TT cause tire is pretty'flat' . the Section width was 11.4 while the TOYO would be 10.9

i guess u in a mustang?

hope this could help




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