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TT3 Rear Diffuser Question


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I looked in the rules and couldn't find an answer to my question.

Is there a limit to how far the rear diffuser can extend from the trailing edge of the bumper?  I am assuming the limit would be similar to the front splitter which is limited to 12 inches.

I am in TT3.  Will be running AJ Hartman Modular diffuser.  My mock up shows me at about 10-11 inches.

Thanks in advance.


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This would be the only rule that could apply:

"Aerodynamic devices and/or modifications may not protrude more than six (6”)
inches from the vertical plane from the ground to the widest part of the right and left sides of the vehicle’s body."

So, there is no listed restriction to how far the rear diffuser can extend.  But, when people do crazy stuff, that is how new rules get written.  I think the 12" is safe in that respect.

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