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TT6 Aerodynamic Modifications


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3) Modified BTM, non-Base Trim Model (non-BTM), or replaced front fascia (unless specifically approved in Appendix B: i) May have nothing attached to it other than specifically allowed items (above). ii) May not have canards/winglets molded into it. iii) Any item that is molded into the fascia during the original manufacturing process that functions as an airfoil, deflector, dive plane, or vortex generator and extends 2" or more past the outline of the immediate surrounding fascia is prohibited. To inspect: a plumb line run across the entire surface of the fascia and bumper shall not have any such item that extends 2” past the line when viewed from above.

So the way I interpret this is we are allowed to replace the front fascia. Does this allow air dams or aftermarket front bumpers?

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