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Miata Kart class?

Conquer Custom

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Hi everyone, I have a Miata kart that I’ve just been playing with, doing donuts, drifting, and having fun with. But I am trying to find out if it fits into any NASA classes for track day events and HPDE events?

Mostly stock Drivetrain with spec Miata suspension and a cage. And obviously it is a chopped up cart. I’ve been looking through the rules but can’t find anything about open racers. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.



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While I don't think it is specifically covered in the rules, this car would not pass tech for a variety of reasons.

No doors, no front fenders of any kind (basically open wheel), no hood, no protection of the radiator, no rear and very little front crash structure.

Take a look at the exomotive exocet.  That is basically the least amount of bodywork / structure that would be legal IMO.


Also, FYI:  That rollbar is lower than your helmets in that picture.  So, if the car rolled over, you would break your neck before the rollbar even touched the ground.

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I am coming out of karting (shifters) for the past 10 years . I just bought a spec miata. My question is can I get my competition license without going to a school ?

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On 5/30/2022 at 7:07 PM, Greg Hayden said:

I am coming out of karting (shifters) for the past 10 years . I just bought a spec miata. My question is can I get my competition license without going to a school ?


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  • National Staff
Posted (edited)

Hi Greg, 

We have published a list of ways to get your comp license on the racing home page. Please note line No. 2. 


Five Easy Ways to Get Your NASA Competition License

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “How do I get my racing license?” The good news is we want you to DriveNASA. With this in mind, we make it easier than you think. NASA has been training racers for more than 30 years and we’ve developed the best programs in the country to do just that!

First things first: Before you can apply for a competition license, you should be a NASA member. You’ll also need to undergo a physical examination required for racing as part of your application process as well as pass the open-book written test on NASA’s Club Codes and Regulations. We give you five easy ways to get your NASA competition license.

  1. Complete NASA’s HPDE system, from HPDE1 through HPDE4 then apply for your competition license. It’s easy and fun, and you can learn at the pace you set for yourself. Some people ask how long this takes and the answer is always the same, “it depends on you”. How often you participate with NASA and how quickly you progress learning new driving skills determines how long this will take. Regardless, you are continually having fun throughout your journey.
  2. If you have previous experience with other racing organizations, in many cases we can issue you a NASA competition license based on that experience. You are encouraged to apply for a competition license if you believe you have enough experience to go racing with NASA.
  3. If you have attended a competition school outside NASA (Skip Barber, BMW Performance School, Bondurant, Bertil Roos, etc.) or one of NASA’s competition schools, you can apply for a NASA competition license. NASA will not typically grant you a NASA competition license if the only experience you have is the competition school. However, most applicants have experience beyond their school of choice and can be granted a competition license.
  4. If you have lots and lots of experience, but no racing history, you can show up to a NASA event in your region and get a “checkout ride” in one of NASA’s HPDE sessions. NASA officials will observe your driving and on-track behavior, and if you demonstrate the necessary skills including control and situational awareness, you can apply for a competition license.
  5. NASA’s Team Racing Endurance Challenge lets you race in TREC enduros while earning a competition license in the process. Complete six TREC enduros and then apply for your NASA competition license.

See? We told you it was easy!

Edited by Brett B.
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