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One car, one transponder, 2 classes, 2 drivers?


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Hey guys, we have one car that will be run in 2 classes and have 2 drivers. Can we run one X2 Transponder or do we need 2 unique transponders?


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Should be no problem running the same transponder.....simply sign up and see if it flags the duplicate number (it shouldn't since the car is entered in different races at different times)



EDIT: Come to think of it, I see guys that race when we do who also run TT and no way they are swapping transponders!

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  • National Staff

You should discuss this with your local Region and their T&S staff.  Start with your Regional NASA Director if necessary to get to them.  Having two transponders (one in the car at a time), would make it much more simple.  Or, driving as a Team using the same team name would also make it more simple. 

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