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Drivers/Teams Wanted for Events

Roman V.

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Use this topic to find a team to drive with or if you are looking for an additional driver. Post your contact information here so drivers/teams can reach out. 

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Hi, I’m looking to join a team and really just understand what the cost is for a stint. How much should I budget to drive a stint in someone’s car who’s renting a seat?

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It depends!


I have rented out our car before but not at market rate (Friends and Family discount) but even then the cost was around $1000 for the weekend. ($300 driver entry fee, $175 Tire, $75 Brakes, $150 Fuel, $150 Food, Wear and Tear $150) X4 drivers. This was for a 7+7hr. Enduro.

A seat in a top level car at the 25hr can be anywhere from $2500-$5000+

I know of another Arrive and Drive car that is $10,000 per weekend, granted it is a hell of a car and has a full support team there for you.

My best advise is to start coming to events and meet the teams first (i started out as a tire changer/fuel/grunt). 

It also depends on your connections, you will and should not get a seat in a GT3 car without a driving history that proves you can drive it. There are also several operations that specifically operate arrive and drive cars, EDGE Motorsports is one locally (NorCal) but if you go to an event you will find several there.


Hope this helps

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