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I'm new, Where's the fire hose?

Jacob Seay

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Hello all,

  I know your season has already started, but I just discovered NASA looking for racing in Colorado that I could participate in. I am currently investigating starting a team to start racing in Colorado and hopefully compete in WERC when we are ready. I have a little bit of racing and car experience (Formula Student Electric in College, EV Class with Chris Lennon at PPIHC, and rebuilt a wrx by myself). I've been on a crew and love it, but want to be in the driver's seat too! Right now my plan is to build a 5th gen Honda Prelude to compete in the ST/TT-4 class (~2500lbs ~220hp, sound about right?). What do I need to know, besides reading all the literature?

Thank you all in advance!

~ Jacob

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Come out to the first local event at Pueblo, and start getting to know folks!  You'll find that almost everybody is friendly and happy to help.  The local director, Dan Williams is super friendly and will do everything he can to help get you going.

What part of CO are you in?

Feel free to drop me a note, there's also a Rocky Mountain NASA FB group that will get you connected closer to the local folks.




[email protected]

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  • National Staff

Unless you're absolutely married to the idea, I'd encourage you to consider cars other than a Prelude. There isn't much aftermarket support for them and there are none that I know of in NASA competition. 

If you love Hondas, there are lots of other options that would be easier to build and more competitive than a Prelude. Integras and Civics are prevalent in Honda Challenge and there's lots of support and a broad knowledge base on them. You could build an H4 car, which slots into ST5 or ST6, I believe, or build an H2 car to cross over into ST4/TT4. 

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You should research a little more. Preludes have excellent suspension, aero, parts are readily available, and they make great enduro cars. They can (and do) compete successfully in ST4/E1 or ST5/E2. Consider kswap over running an H.

Plenty of 4th gen Prelude E1 results listed in WERC also over the last couple of years. When the car didn't break it had mostly 1st in class. 

Build what you want and what you like.




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@codename Bil Doe That's exactly what I want to do! Love it! I've heard a lot of people say there isn't a lot of support for preludes, but I can find everything pretty easily on google ?‍♂️ Plus, a little will power, tools, and you can fab the rest.

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The suspension is great and am 99% sure is interchangeable between the 4th and 5th gens. 5th gen is slightly longer wheelbase. Even with the switch from 4th to 5th gen the new car has been fast right out of the box. It was built as ST5 so it can also run STL in SCCA (where it's currently dominating). It's several hundred pounds overweight/underpowered for ST4, but it is still raced in ST4 where does really well. There's a lot more in it once some more time is spent dialing in the handling. A frank would be best if you want to run ST4/E1.




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